Third Eye Blind Is Focusing On Green Initiatives During Current Tour

Third Eye Blind is in the midst of their massives Summer Gods tour with Jimmy Eat World and Ra Ra Riot, and while the goal with any tour is connecting with fans and putting on the best live show you can, the alt-rockers have another goal in mind. They've launched green initiatives during tour that range from eliminating plastic bottles to combatting CO2 emissions. 3EB frontman Stephan Jenkins is an avid surfer, so for him seeing the effects of plastic straws on sea turtles was enough for him to join the fight.

“Even though our music isn’t punk, our ethos is,” he told Alt Press. “That image of this ancient and vulnerable animal that I’ve been in the water with being subjected to this disgusting convenience. It just got me.”

The band's initial efforts to eliminate plastic bottles from tour was a success. “We ended up saving something like 16,500 plastic bottles that would have ended up in a landfill or the ocean and end up staying there long after we’re dead,” Jenkins explained.

Now, 3EB is teaming up with an organization that estimates the carbon footprint made from fan travel and donating a portion of their proceeds to help offset the CO2 damage that comes with touring. “It all ends up onstage. The whole idea of playing live is this collective experience of a common joy,” Jenkins proclaimed. “I think knowing this, encouraging people to find their way and be part of the solution just ends up with the experience of everyone at the show.”

Photo: Getty Images

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