Eerie Video Shows Ghost Push Dog

Photo: Getty Images

Animals seem to have the ability to sense things that humans can't. Creatures tend to know when danger is coming and many can feel impending natural disasters like earthquakes before they hit, but are animals also more in tune with the paranormal? A video shared to Reddit shows that they might be.

In the clip, a black dog stands in a room and barks, when out of nowhere, the pooch is pushed a few feet. The canine itself hasn't moved in any way that would propel it and, in fact, it plants its front paw to stop the motion, but is unable to. All it can do is turn around and bark more at the invisible force moving it.

Normally it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but it went down in a house where the owners have previously seen a ghost.

One of the homeowners wrote on Reddit, "We definitely had something else living there with us," describing it as "a lady about the same height as me and my middle daughter. She had the same dark brown hair as well." The woman detailed an encounter with the figure saying, "One night I was sitting in the living room reading on my iPad. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone walk out of the bathroom. I thought it was my daughter and I went to go check on her because it was like 3 am and she was totally asleep up in her loft bed. I freaked out."

She kept it to herself, writing it off to her "mind playing tricks on her," but the next morning her husband had claimed to see someone standing in their bathroom, and later that night, he witnessed someone in their bedroom.

Disturbed by everything they witnessed, the family later wound up moving from the house.

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