'Alien' Hand Found On Beach, Scientists Confirm It Is Not Human

Photo: Getty Images

If you've ever walked along a beach, you've seen that the ocean dumps plenty of stuff on the sand, and not just seaweed and shells. There are many cases of some rarely seen marine life or a deep sea creature washing up on the shore, but one couple strolling along a Brazilian beach found something even stranger. The pair discovered a skeletal hand that they were certain was alien.

They shared video of what they found, saying, "We think it is not human because of the size and amount of bones. What could it possibly be?" The footage shows a hand shaped object with very long fingers. A flip flop is held next to it to show just how large it is. The woman on the video says, "It's very big. We don't know what animal it is, and if it's an alien, even worse."

According to the New York Post, comments on the video included "looks like E.T.'s hand," and that it might be a "mermaid hand."

Another person suggested the couple "take it to a biologist because this isn't normal," and one such expert weighed in. Marine biologist Eric Comin is certain the bones aren't human. He thinks the hand likely is from a cetacean, an aquatic mammal like a dolphin or a whale. While he said further tests are needed, his guess is that it is a dolphin since they are common in the area. He feels the animal probably died 18 months ago.

Comin noted that when beachgoers find weird things on the shore, they should contact a local environmental agency. In the case of that area in Brazil, that's the Cananeia Research Institute. A spokesperson there stated, "We always prioritize leaving the bones on the beach so it does not interfere with the cycling of nutrients within the ecosystem. Eventually, when there is some scientific interest, we collect them to be used in studies. If they are recently-deceased animals, we collect them to perform necropsies and identify the cause of death."

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