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Dad's Ultimate "Go To Fix" Is What?!

When a table leg wobbles, the tent gets a tear or a tablet is damaged, dads are ready to save the day with one trust tool - duct tape. According to a new survey from Duck Tape brand duct tape, out just in time for Father’s Day, 87% of fathers think of themselves as the family’s handyman. And their favorite fix-all for practically any job? You guessed it … duct tape.

The poll of a thousand U.S. dads also reveals:

·Nearly all fathers - 95% of them - keep a roll of duct tape nearby, in their toolbox or workshop.

·They use it for all kinds of projects, 91% of father figures have fixed something around the house with the super sticky stuff, including car bumpers, doorknobs, sneakers and toys.

·For nearly two-thirds of dads (63%), duct tape is their go-to tool for fast repairs.

·The close bond between dads and duct tape is something of a family tradition, as 71% of fathers recall seeing their own dads fix everything from fishing rods to lawn mowers to phones with it.

·And that’s something 82% of dads hope to pass down to their own kids.

·With Father’s Day coming up on Sunday (June 16th), duct tape may be the perfect gift. Since 63% of people like to give practical gifts for the holiday, it could be the ideal time to refill dad’s duct tape stash.

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