10 Things People Miss About the Covid Pandemic Lockdown [LIST]

all the world Lock down and stay at home with cross line. lock down and Physical Distancing to avoid spreading the virus covid-19. world locked down.

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These are a few highlights from an epic Reddit thread of all the things people miss from the Covid lockdown days:

  • “Not feeling guilty for never leaving my home and all of the quality time my girlfriend and I spent together.”
  • “The background noises being switched off - no traffic, no planes in the sky, no horns blaring. Also the sense of community it brought with neighbors checking in on each other and if anyone needed anything.”
  • “I actually saved a lot of money.”
  • “Not having a cold for 2 years.”
  • “Honestly, when it all started and we were all making bread and didn't really know what was going to happen, I hate to admit it, but it was kind of exciting.”
  • “Commuting - reduced to none, 100% WFH. And the occasional trips to the office taking 10 minutes instead of an hour. I do miss empty roads.”
  • “Everyone was just like ‘just get what you can done.’”
  • “The air smelled and felt so much cleaner due to less traffic around where I live, also it was so much quieter due to less people being around.”
  • “It was the healthiest I’ve ever been, it was the wealthiest I’ve ever been, it was the happiest I’ve ever been, it was the most freedom I’ve ever enjoyed. It was much easier to do my job working from home.”
  • “It was okay to be struggling mentally, now it just feels like everyone expects you to just shake it off and go on like nothing happened. That and I miss people actually giving a sh*t about sanitation and not spreading the virus.”
  • “People being kind and supportive to each other. It didn’t last long, but it was nice while it did.”

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